A Beginner’s Guide On How To Lease Apartments

One of the first tasks you will perform as an adult is heading out to find your own home. Nowadays, young people will often rent an apartment before saving enough to find a house. This can be an overwhelming event and quite confusing for any individual. To help ease the process of leasing an apartment, this article will provide information on how to rent apartments by first finding the ideal apartment.

#1: Determining How Much You Can Afford To Pay

The first step to finding your ideal apartment is to determine what is and what is not affordable. Professional real estate agents recommend you spend 20% to 30% of your after-tax income on housing or rent. You must also take into consideration that you might be responsible for utility costs. Typically, monthly apartment costs include utility costs; however, there are cases where the utility fees are additional. If you are not able to find an apartment within your budget, it might be worthwhile to consider leasing with a roommate.

#2: Making A List Of Criteria For The Apartment

Before you head out to find your apartment, it is crucial that you have a list of criteria for the condo. The list helps you identify what type of apartment you are looking for and reduces time spent on “hopeless cases”. For instance, are you looking for a single bedroom or a studio apartment? Perhaps you want a fully or semi-furnished space because you don’t have the budget to buy furniture or appliances? Do you need the apartment to be close to the city center or would you rather be in the suburbs? Write down all of these factors before contacting any real estate agents.

#3: Finding The Potential Apartments

Once you have a list of criteria, head online or contact a realtor and begin searching for apartments. Google can be a beneficial tool as it gives you all the apartments available to rent in a single search. Google maps can also help pinpoint the apartments by location, so you can see if they are in the right geographical spot. Of course, you shouldn’t just limit the search to Google. Private sellers use platforms like Craigslist to advertise their apartments. This is not as professional as a realtor, but you can find some apartments at a cheaper rate.

#4: Choose A Day To Visit The Apartments

Instead of your schedule being affected by apartment viewings over several days, it is recommended that you set aside a single day for viewings. This will make the process efficient, and you will be able to compare them quickly. Saturdays are often the busiest days for apartment viewing, so it is recommended that you set up a viewing during the week. Plan for the viewing to take approximately 45 minutes each, so you don’t overlap with your appointments.